AX University
System Architecture


Deposits in the Staking contract collateralize Athlete Performance Tokens. Stakers are paid $AX rewards for providing liquidity to APT markers.

Why $AX Holders Stake

$AX holders are incentivized to stake their $AX in two ways. Firstly, there are staking rewards. From September 2021 to August 2023, the Staking Rewards contract will unlock 29,100,000 $AX to pay stakers Staking Rewards. $AX tokens become claimable on the Staking page as they are distributed to stakers on a pro-rata basis.
Stakers are also incentivized with exchange rewards. These are generated whenever someone swaps an Athlete Performance Token on the AX Swap. Each trade generates a 75 bps (.75%) Liquidity Provider fee paid proportionately to AX stakers.

How Staking Works

The Staking contract provides stakers a net-neutral position while staking, meaning $AX stakers have no exposure to APT appreciation or depreciation. This is a function of the UMA Long Short Pair contract which mints a balanced amount of APT Long tokens and APT Short tokens each time $AX is staked.
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