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Earn AX Rewards
Learn how to earn rewards with your AX by staking it on GYSR!
Refer to our how to "Buy AX" section in the menu to learn how to buy AX coin.

Refer to our Buy AX section to learn how to buy AX coin.

You can do this two ways:
  1. 1.
    Purchase ETH on the Ethereum network and send it to the Polygon Network. It will appear in your Metamask wallet on the Matic(Polygon) Network as WETH.
  2. 2.
    Buy WETH with crypto on the Polygon Network.

First, navigate to Sushiswap and connect your Metamask wallet. Then switch to the Polygon Network on Sushiswap.
Click on the "Liquidity" tab:
Select WETH in the top bar:
Click "Select a Token" in the bottom bar and paste in the AX token address:
When AX appears, click "Import":
Next, enter the amount of WETH and AX you want to provide and click "Approve."
Follow any prompts to finalize the process.
Once finished, you will have successfully provided liquidity to the WETH-AX Sushiswap pool, which you can withdraw at any time. In return for providing this liquidity, you should have received SLP tokens. Read below to learn how to utilize them.

You should have received SLP tokens for this in your Metamask wallet.
To view and access your SLP tokens in your Metamask wallet, make sure you are connected to the Matic(Polygon) Network and click "Import Token" at the bottom of your Metamask wallet screen:
Then copy and paste the SLP token address in the top text field:
Click "Add Custom Token," then click "Import Tokens."
You will now be able to view your SLP balance in your Metamask wallet.

Navigate to the AX GYSR pool and connect your Metamask wallet on Matic(polygon) Network. Once you do this, you will see this page:
Enter the amount of SLP tokens you want to stake (click "MAX" to enter all of them).
Next, enter the multiplier value that you want to apply to your position. Learn more about multipliers by clicking the "Learn more about GYSR multipliers" link.
Then click "Approve $SLP" and "Stake."
Congratulations! You have successfully staked your AX! You will earn AX and GYSR rewards while your SLP tokens are staked in the AX pool. You can unstake your SLP tokens at any time and redeem on Sushiswap.
Keep in mind, the earlier and longer you stake, the more rewards you will earn!

Feel free to send a message in the Support-Chat channel on our Discord server!
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