AX University

Last Updated August 2021

At AthleteX, our mission is to provide a way for people to invest directly into the performance of their favorite athletes.
AthleteX Markets is a decentralized exchange and issuance protocol for Athlete Performance Tokens. The protocol supports mints, burns, and swaps for Athlete Performance Tokens (APTs). APTs are redeemed at expiry at a price made up of in-game statistical data. Staking the AthleteX native coin ($AX) as collateral enables the issuance of APTs.
$AX stakers provide liquidity for Athlete Token swaps on our DEX and receive rewards in the form of a Liquidity Provider Fee. $AX coin holders also retain voting rights on our decentralized governance protocol. Trading APTs on the AX Swap uses the custom AMM and does not require the trader to hold $AX coin.
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