AX University
Future Functionality
Potential additions to AthleteX as the protocol matures technically and draws liquidity

Additional Athlete Performance Tokens

There are many different kinds of Athlete Performance Tokens that can be added to the system to provide greater utility to DEX. These include APTs from different sports, indices like teams or groups of players within leagues, career-long tokens, game-long tokens, umpire tokens, coach tokens, and more.

Athlete Token Futures

We expect to launch the ability for traders to trade APT futures on the AX Swap or a credible secondary market.

Leveraged Trading

We expect leveraged trading on APTs will become available on secondary markets. In addition, AthleteX plans on providing APTs with various expiration frequencies. Reducing the expiration time frame provides more volatility (eg. game-long tokens for live trading) while increasing the expiration time frame reduces volatility (eg. career-long tokens for capturing long-tail upside potential of rookie athletes)