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Current Risk and Mitigation Strategies

Current Risks

There are several risks in the current architecture, as AthleteX is still an experimental system and requires empirical and theoretical analysis to ensure the mechanism design aligns incentives for all players.
Also, there are a number of aspects of the system that are currently centralized. This decision has been made to ensure the efficient launch of the project. One example of centralization is which APTs are listed. Another example is how Price Identifiers compute the price of each APT. While these aspects will be transitioned into community governance, it is important to understand risks in the current system architecture.

Risk Mitigation Strategies

As a decentralized protocol, the AthleteX team is committed to transparency and verification. As the system matures, governance and smart contract risk will gradually reduce. Current risk mitigation strategies include securing Price IDs with Chainlink oracle data and UMA’s DVM consensus solution.
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